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“A Hunch is Creativity Trying to Tell You Something”
Frank Capra, Film Director

WP3-Learn Update on Achievements

Learn is about fostering the knowledge and skills base of people working or looking to work in the screen sectors in the North Sea Region.


The objectives of Learn were to coordinate education resource information and provision and to enhance the North Sea Region skills base. It saw the creation of a web resource to inform students and professionals in the industry, as well as a series of transnational work experience placements, training exchanges and Master classes.


The Learn team conducted a Benchmarking Pilot to identify a credit rating for programmes of study across the NSR and compare these with industry standards. An evaluation tool for Creative Events was developed and tested in the Netherlands and Denmark and is now available to the network to evaluate the impacts of events. Digital Tourism was studied and a number of publications resulted for the benefit of the North Sea Region and beyond.

Achievements are: