Report: Efficient Cooperation For The Film Industry On Funen

Students from North Sea Screen Partners members Saxion University in cooperation with FilmFyn and Tietgen Business College have produced a report on 'Efficient Cooperation For The Film Industry On Funen'.

As commissioned by FilmFyn in Denmark and the Research Centre of the Hospitality Business School in the Netherlands, this research includes a descriptive study about the best way to stimulate the regional development of Funen, Denmark. In this context, the specific task was to do research on solutions to developing the local (small scale) film industry into one functioning at a regional level. The emphasis, as recommended, should be on business development, efficient structure and strategy formation and the increase in communication and collaboration between organizations. In this research, these recommendations are examined with reference to the following question: "Which strategy and organizational structure are required for Funen, so that efficient and fundamental cooperation within the creative industry can be generated, ultimately resulting in economic improvement of the region?"

This question has been examined by means of a literature exploration and field research which, on the basis of a preliminary analysis, have focused on the locations of South Funen, Southern Sweden and the Netherlands. In this sense, the last two locations could be seen as best practices which, on the basis of their knowledge and expertise, have been helpful in the formulation of advices for Funen. On the basis of these two explorations, it became clear that the priority at this moment is to improve cooperation between FilmFyn and their direct stakeholders and that restructuring by i.e. improving the communication of processes is desirable. In addition, experts indicated that early implementation of such changes is necessary in the short term, because otherwise (within the current knowledge economy) the aim to ensure an interesting market position will become in danger.

It is advisable to design a strategic alliance between the three institutions of the knowledge based economy (Government, Industry and Academic Institutions) so that large-scale changes related to the development of the film industry on Funen can be implemented. In addition, it requires the extension of cooperation to the Northern and the Southern Municipalities of Funen inter alia for the organization to have a better representation of the region. With regard to the restructuring of the organization, it is recommended to develop cluster formations in which the exchange of knowledge, innovation, creativity and technology between organizations should be central. To conclude, it could be stated that the formation of a common strategy is priority number one. Within this process, an encompassing strategy should not be pursued, but rather a strategy aimed at having enough support and collaboration of the stakeholders involved. This requires first of all the demarcation of possible resistance and responsibilities, followed by negotiations, task divisions and regular meetings where after a joint strategy can be formed. After this process further processes regarding change management could be taken.

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