InnoEvent 2012

InnoEvent is the brainchild of Michael Lundorff-Hansen, Head of Department at MMD Odense. Michael's intention with InnoEvent was to create an innovative platform for mutually beneficial collaboration between students and businesses, with the added bonus of being able to showcase the skills of his students to a broader audience.

InnoEvent 2010 was a success beyond imagination, in the words of Hospital Director Peder Jest: “it was an eye-opener to see how innovative students, within one week, and with no financial expenditure, could come up with several solutions, which can be implemented immediately, solving problems which health professionals have spent year, and millions of kroner on, without a final outcome”.

InnoEvent 2012 will take place in Odense, Denmark and runs from Monday 19th - Saturday 24th March. It is estimated that 700 students from all over Denmark will attend the event. 

MMD Odense are part of the Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education (EAL), of which North Sea Screen Partners member Tietgen Business College is also a member.

Click here to view the full programme for InnoEvent 2012, and click here to see the opening day's agenda (Monday 19th March).

Click here to watch MMD's brilliant 2012 promo video.

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