Learning Final Cut Pro and Color with FilmFyn and Tietgen Business School

Two of North Sea Screen Partners' Danish members, FilmFyn and Tietgen Business School, hosted a series of free one-day courses for film and TV companies and professionals as part of the objectives of North Sea Screen Partners.

Final Cut Pro (Advanced) examined how to use the industry-standard software programme, with topics on short-cuts, filters, keyframes and composite, and the advanced functions in editing. Color (Beginner) taught basic color theory and covered essential functions in Color to enable participants to work with their own material. Held in Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt, Odense, both classes were taught by Casper Strunge, owner of the production company &Film in Copenhagen.

The participants found the classes very useful and interesting and expressed their support for further classes in the future:

• “I think that the course exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot about the two programs of which I will, for certain, gain advantage in future and now.”
• “All in all, a really good course and I am not able to put my finger on anything which could have been done better. I hope to see some more courses in the near future.”
• “Casper’s teaching was well structured and contained much helpful information. Casper’s material was most versatile and provided ideas for my own work.”
• “The color course, as an introductory course, could have lasted two days, because there is so much more which could have been interesting to hear about and only little time to try it out for yourself.”
• "The teaching in Final Cut Pro could have been on a more advanced level, but I have some good tips and better ‘habits’.”

Click here for more information about FilmFyn, and click here for more information about Tietgen Business School.

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