A Look Into The Real World

Five students from the Multimedia Training in Odense help launch a brand new technology at the World Championships in windsurfing in Kerteminde. It is a somewhat different experience than the safe life at school.

For five students in the training film and animation the familiar surroundings of Multimedia Education in Odense will be replaced with a busy day at Kerteminde Harbour until 5th September.

The students have been at the Harbour since the 26th August as part of their third semester project of practical training as a media team for the World Championships in windsurfing. Their job is to film the world championships, so users can follow live via the internet.

The five students, Soren Sorensen, Nicholas Tommerup Jensen, Mads Skov Hansen, Kasper Hjorth and Kasper Thorup Ribe, have been temporarily based in a cottage near Kerteminde, so each day they can quickly get off to the marina where the world championships take place. And there is plenty to do. The first day involved twelve hours of testing equipment and finish the introduction video, so everything was ready for the launch on Saturday 28th August.
"We've got more responsibilities than we had anticipated. It's basically us, which is the whole media team. It's great to have a deadline, instead of just being able to say: we’ll do it tomorrow. It is more hectic than we're used to, but it's the cool thing about it, "says Søren Sørensen.
"It's fine to be set a little on the test and be under pressure. Because I think we can stand the distance. And it's fun to write on your CV after ", complements Nicholas Tommerup Jensen.

Completely new technology

The five students will use a technology called sailstream to broadcast live from the World Cup; a combination of GPS and video that has never been used before. The technology makes it possible to follow the different surfers and how fast they race, while you can switch between direct video recording from three cameras out on the water.
"Instead of having a producer to decide what users can see, we let users decide themselves. If for example you can see that your best friend or son racing in the vicinity of three cameras, you can click it. That way you can knit your own version of the race together”, says project developer Jacob Møhl.
The five students will film the rally with only the help of a professional photographer, and Møhl has contacted Multimedia Design Training because he believes the job is tailor-made for the coming multimedia designers: "It is a perfect combination, because they have both practical and theoretical experience. They can shoot and cut, and we can draw on their theoretical skills in the form of evaluation and recommendations on how we can refine our concept".

In addition to filming, the students must also take pictures and do graphics, interview the sailors and give daily summaries of the championships for the official World Cup website. All things that are far from everyday life in the film and animation course in Odense. "It's cool to try it yourself and experiment with other things. This is something different than sitting in school and making animations. Here it is not just us, it is about, but a whole event, where there are others who count on us”, explains Mads Skov Hansen. "We accomplish something that someone appreciates. It's a win win situation. We think it's great to get out, they think it's great to have it covered in an orderly manner, and the school think it's great to get students out, "explains Nicholas Tommerup Jensen. He is backed by education director Michael Lundorff-Hansen, who sees internship as an important part of student education. "Many of the students are afraid they have not learned enough. We give them a lot of knowledge, but they might come into question whether it can now also be used in industry. The practical experience is important ", he explains. 

Filming for BBC
Not only that student work can be seen around the world via the official World Cup website www.rsxclass.com. There is also a great chance that their footage will be shown on BBC. News Channel is making a documentary about British windsurfers and is going to get shots from the tournament.

"It is a great opportunity for us in terms of how to proceed when we have finished training. It will be good to write on the CV", says Søren Sørensen.

Click here to see the students work.