The Visual Effects Research Lab and Network, working with screen offices, can help you find the post-production services you want including high-end VFX.

If you’re a post company or freelance based in the North Sea region –

The Lab (VERL) itself aims to close the gap between research at leading institutions round the world and the application of that technology by the screen industry. VERL is doing original research and analysing existing research.

The Network is researching potential industrial partners and working with them to make them aware of the research that is so relevant to their commercial interests. Post companies, facilities and freelances will have opportunities to learn about current and new products and services and so access new and wider markets for their services.

Challenges like lower budgets mean companies must develop more efficient, more cost effective work practices and must engage with new and innovative technology. And they must spread the word that they've got the skills and can deliver world-class post.

Here’s what the lab and the Network will be doing:

Lead Partner for Post

University of Dundee

And there's more information if you want to produce, shoot or learn.