PROTO Premiere

On Monday December 17th a Danish robotic development lab will serve as an unique setting for an sneak-peak premiere of the sci-fi short film PROTO. Invited guests represent the film crew and cast, project partners and members of the press. British director Nick Pittom is looking forward to presenting his film in the genuine working robotics lab, RoboLab, where the film was shot last year.

PROTO exemplifies a successful transnational cooperation involving Denmark, the UK and Scotland: a production by Eye Candy Film in Denmark supported by North Sea Screen Partners members FilmFyn in Denmark, Screen South in the UK and with visual effects postproduction from VERL in Scotland.

The innovation network RoboCluster has served an important role in welcoming a film production into their professional work setting and providing a uniquely authentic location. As a result the film is also a successful example of the collaboration between two rather different clusters, namely the film industry, and the robotics cluster in Denmark.

PROTO is scheduled to premiere officially and internationally at London Short Film Festival in January 2013.

More information can be found on the official website for PROTO: http://protothemovie.com/

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