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North Sea Screen Partners member Screen South is a Cultural Development Agency based in the south east operating nationally and internationally, enabling creative projects and enterprises to flourish. Screen South has 4 strands to their work; training, development, programme management and commissions, which builds upon their history as a regional screen agency and strategic government national cultural partner. As Screen South reaches the end of their transitional year they are delighted to announce a series of programmes, which spread across the cultural and creative arena. These areas of work are underpinned by a genuine desire for innovation and inclusivity which promotes talent and excellence.

Screen South will be managing the next phase of the highly successful Paralympic inspired cultural programme Accentuate. Over the next year they will deliver a series of groundbreaking projects under the following themes; Accentuate Young Voices, Accentuate Heritage and Accentuate Ideas Hub. This next phase of work has been core funded by Legacy Trust UK, creating a lasting impact from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by funding ideas and local talent to inspire creativity across the UK, and will lay the groundwork to maximise the activities Accentuate has inspired over the last 4 years and along with the momentum of supporting cultural and creative programmes.

Creative Business Base, Screen South’s business development programme supporting 8 feature film led companies and linking local companies and freelancers, is being delivered in partnership with Maidstone Studios, The Peter Jones Academy and Creative Skillset. We were delighted to have had a packed house at the One-day Film Conference on Thursday 27th September 2012, which was sharply focussed on UK filmmakers doing business and being enterprising. Panellists, including high end financiers, sales agents, distributors, lawyers and producers, contributed to a lively debate, which inspired and demanded that producers be more enterprising and tenacious in their approach to business. Screen South plans to build network creative business base cohorts across the country. Screen South continues to work with European and International partners to build film business relationships and lead the Green Screen agenda with Cine Regio, the European network of creative businesses.

Screen South current commissions include a series of feature film development investments and a programme of Innovation Shorts. The Innovation Shorts were commissioned in partnership with VERL and North Sea Screen Partnership, supporting new directors to work with 3D and visual effects. We are also delighted to be commissioning with Accentuate the Starting Line project, to develop a collaborative film, visual arts and dance performance building on their highly successful Paralympic Torch performance, which wowed thousands of people as the torch made its first stop from Stoke Mandeville to the Olympic Stadium.

Screen South screen based work with young people in community and education areas will see the launch of a new series of opportunities with young people including enhancing the uScreen website and associated live programmes, with an uScreen award ceremony and Young Voices, the Paralympic inspired national documentary filmmaking programme.

This is just a taste of Screen South up and coming activity. They are in conversation with several partners and funders to maximise business and creative opportunity that will inspire and mean business in a truly creative sense.

Jo Nolan, Managing Director and Graham Benson, Chairman

For Further Details:

Screen South Contact: Darrienne Price, Business and Operations Manager
Email: darrienne.price@screensouth.org
Telephone: 01303 259 777
Address: Screen South, The Wedge, 75-81 Tontine Street, CT20 1JR

Screen South
Screen South is a creative agency delivering and leading innovative projects across screen based media and the wider cultural and creative industries. They are also the home of the Accentuate, the London 2012 legacy programme for the South East. Screen South is passionate about developing a dynamic environment in which film and media culture can flourish. Screen South aims to;

Collaborate with existing organisations to develop hubs of activity and expertise.
Encourage networking and collaboration between media and cultural practitioners.
Work with the industry to set standards for excellence, creativity and innovation.
Act as an advocate for the region’s film and media industry nationally and internationally.

Screen South is a partner in the North Seas Screen Partnership, a European exchange with countries in the North Seas area including areas in Norway and Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Scotland. Award Winning uScreen is also supported by the NSSP programme. www.screensouth.org 

Legacy Trust UK Legacy Trust UK is an independent charity set up to create a lasting cultural and sporting legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in communities across the UK.

The Trust was a Principal Funder of the Cultural Olympiad and its finale, the London 2012 Festival. The Trust is now supporting seven key projects around the UK to expand on the ground-breaking work they delivered from 2008-12. Many other projects funded by Legacy Trust UK are continuing through support from new partners. For more information on all the Trust’s projects, please visit www.legacytrustuk.org


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