Experience Films in Real Life

North Sea Screen Partners Danish member Filmby Aarhus has published a new guide 'Experience Films - In Real-Life: A Handbook on Film Tourism'. The guide has been created in collaboration with Midtjysk Tourism, the regional tourism development foundation for Central Denmark, and visitnordjylland.dk, the official tourist guide for vacation experiences in North Jutland.

The guide explores the draw of film locations and the growing popularity of film tourism:

'Every day, people are held spellbound by the film universe. The very best films take on a life of their own in our imagination – simply because we cannot let go of the protagonist or of the fascinating location. A good film or TV series has the ability to instil the feeling that we have expanded our circle of friends or that we have made romantic acquaintances. And we crave more! This is why film tourism has an ability and a scope otherwise restricted to a very limited number of other kinds of tourism – it can reach us all.'

Visit www.mediatourism.info to view the guide 'Experience Films - In Real-Life: A Handbook on Film Tourism' online, or download a copy here.

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