Green Screen Meets Green Initiatives

On Monday 23rd April in Gothenburg North Sea Screen Partners member Region Vastra Gotaland and the Secretariat of Cultural Affairs in cooperation with the Secretariat of Environment will host a seminar in Gothenburg, Sweden to focus on issues of green initiatives and the film industry.

Moderated by cultural journalist Neta Norrmo, the seminar will give an opportunity for knowledge sharing on how the film industry can best deal with incorporating environmentally and sustainability friendly practices and objectives, with partiular reference to two UK-based projects that are currently addressing the issues: Green Screen and Green Initiative.

Green Screen has been developed by Greenshoot, a London-based consultancy company started by film industry professionals who help productions aim for carbon neutral filming, with part of their profits going to good causes. Greenshoot has worked with films like 'Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows' and 'Johnny English Reborn'. Melanie Dicks of Greenshoot will discuss Green Screen, a project which has been developed in co-operation with the British Standards Institution (BSI) and offers a checklist for production companies to use to assist them in achieving environmentally responsible and sustainable filming practices. Greenshoot also eductes 'Green Runners' - which enables film productions to gain an environment certificate. 

Jo Nolan, CEO of North Sea Screen Partners member Screen South, will also share best-practice on environmentally friendly filming and will discuss Screen South's soon-to-be-launched Green Initiative project. Green Initiative will be a fund with support from the European Union that enables productions to increase their budget if they follow the standard and checklist for Green Screen.

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