Headstart New Media Network: Seminar on Social TV

Event Details
Date: Friday 9th March
Time: 7.30am - 10am
Venue: Die Asta Film City
Address: Film City 19, 2 sal
City: 8000 Aarhus C.
Country: Denmark
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Event Type: Morning Seminar
Organizer: Headstart New Media Network
About Headstart

Headstart is a network for anyone interested in new and social media and is a collaboration between SharePlay, UPDATESeismonaut and Aarhus Municipality, which includes North Sea Screen Partners member Filmby Aarhus.

Event Description
The first Head Start Morning Seminar will be on Friday 9th March with the theme of Social TV. As the traditional television experience melts into ever greater extent with the use of social media, it is easy to understand why social television seems to be one of 2012's major trends. Up to 86% of all television viewers in the U.S. actively use either a smartphone or tablet while they watch television. And although the figures may be high compared to Danish conditions, several Danish examples show the same trend.
The topic of Social TV is of increasing relevance to those involved in producing content, working in TV, marketing and all other areas working with or interested in the entertainment industry. Social TV potentially offers a wealth of opportunities for commercial purposes, but equally important is the potential for the creation of a completely new, powerful television experience that creates loyalty and word-of-mouth.


Julian Phillips, Multiplatform Producer, BBC
Julian has produced many programmes for the BBC including the cross-media documentary, The Code. He will give an insight into how teams have changed since working with social TV and share best practice of a whole new way of using social media. You can follow Julian on Twitter @js_p
Also, Ahead of Headstart's Morning Seminar on Local TV, Julian will give a Masterclass on the art of social TV in association with Shareplay on Thursday 8th March.

Lars Holmgaard Christensen, Head of Research at the Danish School of Media and Journalism
Lars has conducted research in interactive TV, web TV, cross media consumption, social TV, and much more since 2000. Lars will give a 15 minute focus research glance at the development of social television in the last 10 years.

Daniel Ord Rasmussen, Seismonaut
Social TV is already part of many people's lives. Daniel gives a presentation of some of the most common platforms that are already used by thousands of people, including Boxee and Zeebox. Daniel on Twitter @danielord

We have invited Tine Schjødt, who sits behind the keys at @XFactorDR. Tine will tell us how she works professionally with making a TV programme a value by tweeting. She will show examples of what she has done in relation to the X Factor and what engages tweeps. You can follow Tina on twitter @TineSchjoedt

Practical information:
Payment for the seminar is 200 kroner, and payment is due on arrival by cash or credit cards. Students come in for 100 kroner with a valid student ID.

Registration, with light breakfast and coffee, at. 7.30am - first presentation will start at 8.00am. Come early so you do not miss a start.

Click here to register for the seminar by selecting "Kommer" ("coming") in the box on the top right of the event information.

If you are unable to come please send notice to Anja at anja@seismonaut.com by Thursday 8th March. Or there is a no-show fee of DKK 250

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