Hot Off The Press: nordmedia's Brand New Publications

North Sea Screen Partners member nordmedia's "Set & Breakfast" provides you with descriptions of the regions Lower Saxony and Bremen, sample motifs, attaractive maps and particularly useful local addresses. These include contatcs points with the local authorities, for licences to film, together with service providers based in the region and even accomodation. This brochure should offer information for the set and for all the things that necessarily go along with it.

The nordmedia Film catalogue "Die Filme" gives detailed account of the funded productions completed in 2011. Around 60 productions are presented - many of which have just appreared on the market in all freshness at the turn of the year, e.g. "An enemy to die for", "Reported missing" or "Doll, the Fatso & Me".

If you would like to order the brochures, please email: info@nordmedia.de

Click here for more information on nordmedia, and click here for details of the nordmedia-supported films at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival (9th-19th February).

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