nordmedia talk about TV-series of "Nils Holgersson"

The stage at Weserhaus

In cooperation with Bremedia Produktion North Sea Screen Partners member nordmedia hosted a talk event on the upcoming TV mini-series NILS HOLGERSSON. The recent coproduction between Bremedia and the Swedish production company Fladenfilm provided the basis for lively discussions, moderated by Jochen Coldewey, head of nordmedia-funding. The filming took place in Sweden, next to Göteborg, with a lot of living animals and children. The postproduction as well as the animation have been made in Germany. The producers Seth Hollinderbäumer and Rebecka Hamberger (Fladenfilm) gave an interesting insight into the production. Rebecka also promoted the beautiful Swedish landscape and encouraged the guests to visit Sweden or set up a project there.

The audience

Scenes of the TV series were also screened. The series is based on the children's books by Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf. The story follows Nils Holgersson, a  little boy who takes great delight causing mischief, in particular hurting the animals in his family farm. After capturing a tomte (a mythical creature of Scandinavian folklore) Nils himself is turned into a tomte, able to talk with animals, who are thrilled to see the boy reduced to their size. Nils joins a group of wild geese and is taken by them on an adventurous trip across all the historical provinces of Sweden, observing in passing their natural characteristics and economic resources. Nils must learn to change his mischievous ways in order to be returned to his normal size.

Jette, Heyse, Coldewey 

Animal Trainer Marco Heyse reported on the work with the different animals. He pointed out that the most important thing for animals provided for filming is the character strength, so that a dog for instance will respond on set and won't get stressed by the film crew. He brought his film dog Jette who plays the role of Nils' dog Alfred in the series. The German broadcaster ARD will screen a documentary about Marco's work EINE GANS FÜR NILS HOLGERSSON.

NILS HOLGERSSON will be screened at Christmas on German TV ARD.

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