'The Passion of Marie' Films in Denmark

(A glimpse of Bille August (right) and the cast in Skagen. Photo: Rolf Konow)

Award-winning Danish director Billie August spent time filming this summer and autumn in Skagen and Svendborg in Denmark for his new film ‘The Passion of Marie’. The film is set in the late 19th Century and centres around the painter Marie Krøyer, who was married to the great Danish artist P.S Krøyer. The film follows the couple’s relationship as Marie tries to cope with her husband’s deteriorating mental health. The couple were part of an internationally-renowned group of Danish artists who were active in Skagen, known as the Skagen Painters, which also included Michael and Anna Ancher, and the writers Holger Drachmann, Georg Brandes, and Henrik Pontoppidan.

Filmed in Skagen, Svendborg and Marstrand in Sweden, the ’Passion of Marie’ is August’s first film made in Denmark since the award-winning ’Pelle the Conquorer’ (1988). The film is supported by North Sea Screen Partners member FilmFyn, and much of the interior filming was shot in the FilmFyn studio in Funen. The film is scheduled for domestic release in August 2012.

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