nordmedia at Bergen International Film Festival 2011

North Sea Screen Partner nordmedia-funded features THE GREEN WAVE and THE GUANTANAMO TRAP are to be shown in competition at Bergen International Film Festival 2011.


Huge protests followed Iran's 2009 elections, where Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was reelected. The demonstrations were violently crushed by government forces. Animations based on messages from social media reconstruct the agonising and dramatic episodes of the capital Teheran and critics like Shirin Ebadi reflect on the situation in intimate interviews. The Green Wave is of current interest in view of the Arab Spring of 2011 - with its varied outcomes.

Bergen International Film Festival screenings:
Saturday 22nd October, 09:00
Wednesday 26th October, 12.40

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Award-winning documentary The Guantanamo Trap tells four stories of people who all have had their lives irrevokably changed by the many politically and legislatively dubious decisions pertaining to the infamous US detention camp on Cuba. Through the unflinching eye of the camera, director Thomas Selim Wallner presents a disturbing vision of how fear and paranoia can cause democratic principles to crumble, even amongst the so-called leader of the free world - a vision made all the more disturbing by the fact that it's happening right now.

Bergen International Film Festival screenings:
Monday 24th October, 09:00
Tuesday 25th October, 17:15

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