ROCK 'N' REEL - Support For Music Video

North Sea Screen Partners member Filmby Aarhus has joined up with Promus, the Production Centre of Rhythmic Music in Aarhus, and the West Danish Film Fund to develop film talent and create new collaborations between the film and music industries.

'Naeh Naeh' music video by Danish rap duo UFO Yepha and featuring Anna David. The video won Best Music Video at the 2009 Danish Music Awards.

The film and music industry frequently court each other, and now Rock'n'Reel will bring the two together. The objective of cooperation is to support the production of artistically interesting music videos created by local filmmakers, to promote cinematic talent and to strengthen networks and collaboration between the two industries in general.

- ‘There's many things both in the music and film industries in Aarhus, and its two branches, which in many ways speak the same audiovisual languages. Therefore it is obvious to boost cooperation by establishing Rock'n'Reel’, says Jesper Mardahl from Promus.

The West Danish Film Fund have given a pool of 250,000 kroner towards the development of collaboration between the industries through Rock'n'Reel.

- ‘The target group for the pool are instructors who have already proven their skills through previous productions, and this project will have the opportunity to develop and use production as a business card in relation to a continuing career in film industry,’ says Steen Risom from the West Danish Film Fund.

Directors may choose to collaborate with both commercial and non-commercial bands, artists and record companies in the projects.

The project is open to those who live in the West Dansih Film Fund region.

The fund from the West Danish Film Fund can be searched from the first June 2011. 

For more information about Rock’n’Reel visit: www.filmbyaarhus.dk/rocknreel

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