Screen South Supported D-Media Global Conference

BAFTA - London, 29-30th March

The future of digital entertainment is being shaped by new distribution platforms, new methods of payment, and new consumer patterns of behavior. Digital technology has broken down vertical silos of creative activity spawning threats and opportunity in equal measure. Those who ‘get it’ will be the next generation of media players.

What will happen at the D-Media conference?

The North Sea Screen Partners member Screen South supported D-Media is the conference enabling delegates to exploit and capitalize on the emerging convergence of media, content, games, telecoms, software and IT. D-Media will provide you with the opportunity to get connected to those at the forefront of the digital age. Together, we will look to the future, examine innovative ways of working and explore the power of digital media to inspire the world.

Speakers and Delegates at the conference will come together to experience 2 days of stimulating sessions encompassing the digital media world; from the role of robots in media to new glasses-free 3D lenticular screens for cinema; and the next media sensation - all through the lens of “how to generate an income!”.

To complement these sessions D-Media will also be hosting:

- A 'Digital Fairground' - an innovative exciting demos based trade fair running throughout the conference, open to all conference delegates and showcasing some of the most exciting technology being produced right now
- Pitches from shortlisted film-lead Digital Inventions generated at an earlier Screen South Digital Inventions Lab, with the North Sea Screen Partnership, and winner announcement - D-Media Awards Dinner to honour the D-Media Digital Pioneer and to select the recipient of the emerging talent D-Media Chrysalis Award: for invited conference guests, and in addition a number of tickets have been set aside for optional purchase
- 40 entrepreneurs will be pitching their innovations to a panel of judges; the likes of Sony Music, Beggars, Faber & Faber, Fremantle and Crytek games, in the final of the Technology Strategy Board’s IC tomorrow digital innovation contest.
- The opportunity throughout the conference for one-to-one meetings with conference speakers and experts in Innovation, Finance and Markets from around the world: this will include UK Trade and Invest representatives available to provide international market intelligence in the ‘Global Village’.

Key themes will include:

Production – multi-partner projects; lowering production costs
Distribution – the tech changes to come; get your own stuff out; new revenue streams
Money – how to make it; how to find it; how to invest it
Data is beautiful – making sense of data
Markets – global opportunities; new markets – healthcare…edutainment..
The Big Society – How to change the world, and make a living!

Why attend?

The conference will provide the ideal discussion forum for current success stories, cutting-edge thinkers and key decision makers in digital media, film, television, games, music, e-publishing and mobile content providers to come together for two days of discussion and debate, defining challenges and reaching potential solutions.

See how to liberate the cash – new revenue streams explained from those who have done it
Find the funds - Money – Investors – Grants and how to get them to invest in you.
Where to sell what – Meet key people from markets around the world
What’s new – Innovation and new technology, the IC Tomorrow innovation Dragon’s Den finale, 4G what, when, and what’s next.
Who’s hot – the D-Media Crysalis Award for the emerging butterfly in the digital media world and the D-Media Digital Pioneer Award celebrating a major contribution
How to make it…better, cheaper, faster – exploring new production methods 3D workflow, Motion Capture, fragmented post production services
Data is beautiful... - how to see it, how to read it, how to use it! 
Change the world – listen to those who are doing it 
Meet the people you need to meet - from the 300 digital media attendees

For full details about one of the year's most eagerly awaited events visit www.d-media.co.uk

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