Grimme-Award 2011 for 'Neue Vahr Sud' and 'Iran Elections 2009'

North Sea Screen Partners member nordmedia-supported films have won at the Grimme-Awards 2011, the renowned German TV awards.

NEUE VAHR SÜD director Hermine Huntgeburth (middle) with the two leading actors

The awards ceremony will take place in Marl (North Rhine-Westphalia) on 1st April and is hosted by the Adolf-Grimme-Institut. Since 1964, the Adolf-Grimme-Institute has awarded productions "that use television’s medium-specific possibilities in an exceptional manner and serve as outstanding examples regarding content and method". NEUE VAHR SÜD is a coming-of-age comedy based on a novel by the German author and songwriter Sven Regener. The story takes place in Bremen, where most of the film’s scenes have been shot. The 13-strong jury particularly commended the film’s light ironic humour and laid-back style.


IRAN ELECTIONS 2009, the TV-adaption of THE GREEN WAVE, has been awarded in the "Documentary" section. Director and script writer Ali Samadi Ahadi and the producers Oliver Stoltz and Jan Krüger receive the price. The touching documentary-collage that illustrates the dramatic events during the summer of 2009 in Iran and tells about the feelings of the people behind this revolution.

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