Cinema for Peace 2011: Award for 'SKATEISTAN THE MOVIE'

North Sea Screen Partners member nordmedia-supported documentary SKATEISTAN THE MOVIE has won the Cinema for Peace Award as the most outstanding documentary of the year. The film was co-produced by Ken Meyer of DEFILM who lives in Hanover and Los Angeles and works as a film producer and lawyer.


Thomas Schäffer, CEO of nordmedia: "We are pleased that SKATEISTAN THE MOVIE was awarded with the extraordinary price. Congratulations to the producers. The success of the film production DEFILM from Hanover confirms that we from nordmedia are on the right way to a more internationally oriented film support."
On the content: On their arrival in Kabul three socially committed Australian skater quickly realized that their skateboards have a great appeal to children. In 2008, after regular skate sessions Sharna Nolan, Travis Beard and Oliver Percovich decided to establish "Skateistan", Afghanistan's first skateboarding school. It is Afghanistan’s—and the world’s—first co-educational skateboarding school. Operating as an independent, neutral, Afghan NGO, the school engages growing numbers of urban and internally-displaced youth in Afghanistan through skateboarding, and provides them with new opportunities in cross-cultural interaction, education, and personal empowerment.
SKATEISTAN THE MOVIE documents the daily efforts of the "Skateistanis" based in Kabul, Afghanistan, that not only teaches youth how to skateboard, but how to be better citizens of the world.
"To support this film has been a genuine honour". Jochen Coldewey, head of nordmedia's funding and development department, is clearly delighted with Skateistan’s recent success. The film accompanies the construction of the Skateistan school in Kabul, and points to the human success story of this charity-funded project. Scenes such as the pupil’s playful testing of some wobbly floorboards symbolize the enormous sense of liberation and enthusiasm that children experience in the Skateistan school. The film’s central contribution and message is to show the immense impact such school projects can have in rejuvenating the war-torn country’s civil society. Jochen Coldewey argues: "This film offers hope." The Cinema for Peace Foundation endeavors to further peace and understanding worldwide through the support of cinematographic works.

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