Triumph of The Hidden Persuaders

Image: Dudley Dangerous Productions

Wayne Dudley, 22, from Dundee, Scotland has written, directed and produced his feature film 'The Hidden Persuaders' on a budget of just £230.

The film, shot in Dundee, centres around the mysterious death of a rock star and involves a cast of over 60, with a soundtrack featuring some great British bands. Inspired by filmmakers such as Robert Rodriguez , whose feature film 'El Mariachi' was made for £4500, Wayne decided to make the film using his own equipment and editing software on his laptop.

Wayne's journey making 'The Hidden Persuaders' has been featured by The Herald. Click here to read the full story.

Click here to view 'The Hidden Persuaders' trailer on the NME website, and click here to go to the film's facebook page.

'The Hidden Persuaders' will premiere at the University of Dundee's Tower Lecture Theatre at 6.30pm on Friday 7th January. Tickets for the screening are £3 and will be available on the door.

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