nordmedia's 10th anniversary

In December 2010 the festive season started with the 10th anniversary of NSSP member nordmedia. The central media promotion institution hosted a reception in the Kleiner Sendesaal of the broadcaster NDR in Hanover. Around 230 guests from film and politics followed the invitation to an eventful stage show. The 2 hour program was moderated by Franziska Stuenkel, a producer and script writer from Hanover and Eike Besuden, a director and producer from Bremen. Special guests were on stage: Silke Santjer (International Film Festival Emden-Norderney), Ruth Rogers (Scala Cinema Lüneburg), Andrea Giesel (Teaming timing), Gerry Hung Bauer (Actor, ROTE ROSEN), Andreas Knoblauch (Studio Hamburg), Claudia Schröder (Bremedia), Michael Bauer (DVS), Dr. Nabil Rann (Cyoshi Crucial GmbH), Emely Christians (Ulysses Film Production Ltd.), Ralph Christians (Molten Rock Media GmbH), Holger Tappe (Ambient Entertainment), Reinhard Kloos (Constantin Film AG). They congratulated nordmedia and gave an outlook on their future projects.

Niedersachsen's Prime Minister David McAllister and the directors Lutz Marmor (NDR) and Jan Metzger (Radio Bremen) congratulated the hosts, Thomas Schäffer, Managing Director, and Jochen Coldewey, Head of funding and development of nordmedia.

nordmedia thanks all congratulants, employees, shareholders and partners and the juries, all sponsors and partners!

And happy anniversary nordmedia from all your North Sea Screen Partners friends and colleagues!