On location in Bremerhaven: ARSCHKALT

NSSP member nordmedia-funded feature film was shot in the Klimahaus Bremerhaven. 

At the Klimahaus

The Bremerhaven Klimahaus will be on big screen next year: The production company Wüste Film has filmed some scenes in the exhibition for the nordmedia-supported film ARSCHKALT. The comedy is about two men, driving a refrigerated truck. One of them is a cynical ex-owner Berg (played by Herbert Knaup) who would prefer to have his rest. His new partner Moerer (played by Johannes Allmayer) jabbers the whole day. On their trip through the north, the two finally end at the Alter Hafen in Bremerhaven. 

Herbert Knaup, André Erkau 

ARSCHKALT is produced by Wüste Film GmbH for ZDF | Kleines Fernsehspiel in cooperation with ARTE. The screenplay was written by André Erkau, Dirk Morgenstern is the DOP.
The film will be released in 2011.

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Photos: Marion von der Mehden

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