Film, Media and Tourism: North Sea Screen Partners at Fjord 2.0

Bergen Media By and their affiliate Western Norway Film Commission present seminar on Film, Media and Tourism on behalf of North Sea Screen Partners as part of Fjord 2.0: Tourism for Future.

The conference will be held from Wednesday 24th November - Thursday 25th November in Bergen, Norway. Fjord 2.0 is organised by Norwegian Centres for Expertise Tourism - Fjord Norway (NCE Tourism - Fjord Norway). The organisation is an innovative project for the tourism industry on the West Coast, with the aim of presenting the Fjord Norway region as a world leader in themed tourism.

The content of the conference will be organized with plenary sessions, parallel sessions, panel discussions and poster presentations related to the work of NCE Tourism - Fjord Norway; product and concept development, technology and new media, knowledge and networks. In addition, there will be focus on film tourism in the sessions on film, media and tourism. This year's speakers include Al Mersch from Myriad Marketing on how new media is changing the way we communicate with customers, Entrepreneurs from Moods of Norway on the challenges and opportunities of operating from a small village, Per Ritzler from National Tourist Routes on a new project to make a tourist attraction out of 18 road sections in Norway, and Paul Easto from Wilderness Scotland on exciting activities for the international market.

The session Film, Media and Tourism by Bergen Media By and Western Norway Film Commission will run from 1pm to 6pm on Wednesday 24th November. The session's theme is how film offers opportunities for destinations to strengthen their identity, build reputation and market themselves internationally, discussing what a destination can do for production, and what production can do for the destination. The session will include presentations by Stefan Roesch, film tourism consultant and author of The Experiences Of Film Location Tourists; Ola Nilsson, Managing Director of Sörmlands Tourism Development; and André Jåtog, Director of Product Department at AS.

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