North Sea on Screen: First Co-production Conference hosted by nordmedia

More than 70 participants from six different countries, 24 projects, eight hours full of information - these are the benchmark data of the first Coproduction Conference "North Sea on Screen" hosted by nordmedia. The conference provided the particpants with lectures about the film countries. Jochen Coldewey, head of nordmedia's funding and business development department, presented the German funding structure regarding coproduction possibilities.

Julie Craik

Julie Craik works at
 Tayscreen Scotland - she introduced the film countries Scotland and England. Currently the UK funding system is undergoing a period of transition as the British government is restructuring the British Film Council. On behalf of the Dutch network partner Julie Craik also presented the Dutch funding structure. North Sea Screen Partner Lars Hermann from Filmfyn spoke about the Danish film funding system and started his presentation with a filmclip of THE REVENGE. Susanne Bier's latest film was also shot in Fyn.

NSSP-partners from Film Fyn

The Norwegian network partner
 Bergen Media By provides information for filmmakers who are planning to shoot in Western Norway. Torill Svege facilitates access to media partners in the region. The associated funding organisation is Film Fund Fuzz. Lars Malroy is the managing director. The Western Norway Film Commission belongs to the Western Norway media initiative as well: Film Commissioner Sigmund Elias Holm showed a location trailer. On behalf of the Swedish partner Helena Nygren presented beautiful landscapes and explained the funding system. The european fund MEDIA was introduced by Conny Hammelmann.

During the break

Producers and screen writers presented their ideas and projects in two different rooms. One was reserved for documentary pitches, the other room was reserved for feature film projects. The filmmakers took the opportunity to present and share their ideas about using this unique asset that is the North Sea Region to get to know each other, to promote their projects and to start conversations about potential co-production projects. The documentary section was focused on relevant ecological or economic topics regarding the North Sea region. Producers and screen writers that presented their feature film projects also showed a richness of idea.

Peter Bardehle, Jochen Coldewey

German producers reported on their co-production experiences in the North Sea region. Claudia Schröder, Chief Executive of Bremedia Produktion  has a longstanding relationship to Swedish producers, Ralph Christians from Magma Films works in Ireland and Germany for more than 20 years. Peter Bardehle is CEO of Vidicom has produced a series about the North Sea Region GERMANY'S COASTLINES. The crew flew along the entire German coastline in the summer of 2009 with the best helicopter camera in the world in order to capture the beauty of this landscape in a hitherto unknown perspective.