What if you could chose your own way to receive your favourite story?
Most people have grown accustomed to receiving a story from either a book, a screen, a TV-series or a film. But the arrival of new media and technologies changes the distribution landscape. iPad, mobile phones and text messages. Both separately and combined they open up to new storytelling techniques and new ways to generate audience participation. Future jobs will now belong to the story-architects and experience designers that can create no less than a story universe that encompasses many media instead of the traditional, one-media isolated stories.

Filmby Aarhus, one of the partner organisations in NSSP, is co-hosting an entertaining and inspiring conference about cross media storytelling, new audience experiences and how to foster participation through social media. The conference, NOW IS DIGITAL is taking place on the 2nd of September 2010 in Aarhus and is organised by Headstart New Media Network and Filmby Aarhus’s Cross Media Network.

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