On The North Sea Coast

NSSP member nordmedia has funded On The North Sea Coast, a five-part documentary series detailing the landscape and culture along the coastlines of the North Sea. Produced by fernsehbüro GmbH, the documentaries portray the diverse forms of life along the coastlines of the various North Sea states and the changes that these are subject to: whether it be the effects of climate change on the quality of seawater, the animal kingdom and coastal formations, the consequence of young people migrating from the coast to cities, the increase in tourism accompanied by new hotel complexes, or even the effects of unemployment. Each film marks a stage of a journey along the different coastlines and dwells on central questions such as: have the changes that have occurred in coastal regions over recent decades completely altered people’s attitudes towards life? Is there perhaps such a thing as a connectional North Sea identity? Or do the inhabitants of the individual North Sea states prefer to dissociate themselves from one another?

The series will be broadcast over 5 nights on arte, the Franco-German TV network, starting on Monday 19th July at 4.50pm with Shetland Islands. The further programmes will cover Norway (Tuesday 20th July at 4.50pm), Pas-de-Calais (Wednesday 21st July at 4.50pm), Helgoland (Thursday 22nd July at 4.50pm), and Netherlands (Friday 23rd July at 4.50pm). The series will be repeated from Monday 26th July to Friday 30th July every morning at 9.15am. The programs will also be available to view for one week in the arte library here.

On The North Sea Coast follows in a similar theme from another nordmedia-funded documentary series, Germany's Coastlines, which was shown earlier this year on arte. The ten-part series included aeriel footage of the country's coastlines, a hitherto unknown perspective, and also included interviews with some of the interesting characters who live in the areas.

Click here for more information about On The North Sea Coast on nordmedia's website.

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