Digital Revolution: The Active Audience

Michael Gubbins’ report Digital Revolution: The Active Audience was commissioned by Cine-Regio in collaboration with Filmby Aarhus, one of the Partner organisations in North Sea Screen Partners. Dealing with the revolution currently taking place in film distribution, the focus of the report centers on the digital process of change relevant to film, the film industry, and film policy. Gubbins argues that the challenge for the film industry today is in the gaps between filmmaker and audience, the media and end user.

About Michael Gubbins
Michael Gubbins is a journalist and consultant, concentrating on digital and cross-media developments.

From 2004 to 2009 he was editor of the leading trade publications Screen International and ScreenDaily.com. He has produced major reports on digital change for the leading film bodies and businesses including the UK Film Council, Swedish Film Institute, Europa Cinemas, Rotterdam International Film Festival, BAFTA, Power to the Pixel, UK Film Export Group, UK Industry Trust, Olsberg SPI and Hogarth Pictures. He has also been a keynote speaker and chair to events in Berlin, Cannes, Rotterdam, London, Brussels, Paris, Dublin, Malmo, Athens, Lisbon, Dubai and Edinburgh.

About Cine-Regio and Filmby Aarhus
Cine-Regio is a network of regional film funds in Europe and was established in May 2005 as an independent non-profit association. The network is continuously expanding and today represents 32 regional film funds from 12 EU Member States, in addition to Norway, Serbia and Switzerland.

The members exhibit a range of support schemes and services to the film sector which aim to support film culture, encourage social cohesion and build regional infrastructure.

Regional film support is vital to foster and safe-guard the development of the European audiovisual sector and promotes regional and local cultural identities, cultural diversity and democratic empowerment. 

In January this year the Cine-Regio secretariat moved from Göteborg, Sweden to Århus, Denmark, with support from the Region Central and Region North Denmark, the "home" of Cine-Regio member West Danish Film Fund, and announced Søren Poulsen of Filmby Aarhus as the new chairman.

Now read the report

We recommend reading this report to everyone working with film and the development of the film business and its potentials and potential pitfalls. Click here to view the Executive Summary, or click here to view the full report. You can also view exclusive footage from the world premiere of the report in Aarhus earlier this year by following this link.

Click here for more information about Cine-Regio and click here for more information about Filmby Aarhus.

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