World premiere of nordmedia funded documentary at Cannes 2010


The nordmedia funded documentary film 'The Autobiography Of Nicolae Ceausescu' directed by Andrei Ujica runs in the Official Selection (out of competition) during the 63rd Cannes Film Festival. The German-Romanian documentary was co-produced by Elke Peters, a producer from the Neue Mira Film based in Bremen. Director Ujica used only archive footage of the Romanian dictator and details Ceausescu’s life and the court case against him. The whole court case was documented except the moment of the execution.

'In the end, a dictator is an artist who has been able to realise his full egotistical potential. It is largely an aesthetical question as to whether he turns out to be a Baudelaire or a Bolintineanu, or a Louis XIV, or a Nicolae Ceausescu' (Andrej Ujica).

'Nicolae Ceausescu's autobiography' is based on archival material and portrays recent events through the lens of an historical film; a perspective that follows the tradition of American films dealing with the traumas of the Vietnam generation.

This film uniquely synthesises montage in two interconnected ways: as part of the narrative to build scenes that cannot be drawn out from archival sources, and as part of the more conventional 'classical cut' that connects different scenes together. This landmark film points to the future of a new kind of film genre.

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'The Autobiography Of Nicolae Ceausescu' will have its world premiere at the Festival de Cannes on Tuesday 18th May at 8pm at the Salle du 60ème. The screening is open to accredited persons who have to reserve a ticket at the Festival.