New pool for talent in Aarhus

The goal is to become the center of Aarhus cinematic talent of the highest quality.

Together with the Aarhus Film Workshop, growth layer and the film industry, Filmby Aarhus will in future focus on the talent pool in the area. Future media reality, business needs and growth layer will be investigated, identified and discussed.
New pool
Filmby Aarhus will allocate a pool of DKK 100,000 for talent development in 2010-2011. The pot is committed in cooperation with the Aarhus Film Workshop and the local government.

"Young filmmakers will liase with the industry as they build links. Therefore I would like to prioritize talent films having a film company as a mentor or sponsor. Eventually, I hope that we can associate New Danish Screen synonymous to talent development in the city, "says Filmby Aarhus manager Soren Poulsen.

Aarhus Film Workshop gives young film talents access to professional production equipment and guidance. The new Filmby Aarhus pool will support the basic costs of production that the young talent have access to.

The combination of resources and cash assistance will help to ease the way for creative development.

The pool is temporary, but will allow institutions and the film industry to develop and make tomorrow's talent.

For Filmby Aarhus, a strong Aarhus Film Workshop with the resources and cash aid opportunities is one of the essential elements to target talent.

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