Western Norway Film Commission

Western Norway Film Commission was established in 2003 to attract film, tvc and television productions to Western Norway, and to promote the international growth of the regional film industry. The film commission works with film producers, production departments, writers and directors worldwide, offering free assistance to projects eyeing a shoot in the area. WNFC is organized as an independent, non-profit division, established and funded by the regional governments - the counties of Hordaland, Sogn & Fjordane and Møre & Romsdal - as a subsidiary division of Western Norway Film Centre (also a member of North Sea Screen Partners).

All services by Western Norway Film Commission are provided free of charge, at full confidentiality and independent from any commercial provider.

Western Norway, awarded the world's most iconic landscape by National Geographic, is famous for its spectacular fjord landscape, and stretches nearly 800km from north to south. The area brings together diverse locations - from glaciers and steep fjords, to abandoned industrial areas and scenic cities.

As well as being a member of North Sea Screen Partners, WNFC is an approved member of the Association of Film Commissioners International and the European Film Commissions Network. WNFC also has the Deputy Chair in Scandinavian Locations.

For more information on Western Norway Film Commission go to www.wnfc.no


Sigmund Elias Holm - Film Commissioner
Western Norway Film Commission
Georgernes Verft 12
Phone: +47 5555 3646
Email: post@wnfc.no
Web: www.wnfc.no