Tietgen Business College

Tietgen Business College is a modern, international institution of higher education situated in Odense, in the heart of Denmark. We offer a wide range of education programmes from upper secondary level to bachelor level taught in Danish and English covering areas such as International Trade and Marketing, Multimedia and Software, Finance, Retail, Service and Hospitality Management.

Tietgen Business College is the third largest Business College in Denmark, and we are part of an ever expanding international educational network. Being a Danish institution we constantly work with innovation and open-mindedness as keys to success for both our students and our college. Our teachers are highly qualified and the teaching takes place in modern facilities.

Our programmes are based on a combination of theory and practice and throughout their studies our students have a close cooperation with the business world, for example via guest lectures, company visits and internships.

The mixture of theoretical teaching combined with practical experience provides our students with a sound foundation for their working lives after successful completion of their studies. This means that a large proportion of our students either have a job - or will immediately after they have been with us.

In 2009 the higher education full time programmes at Tietgen Business College entered into partnership with 4 other business and technical colleges in southern Denmark and formed 'Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education'. The new academy is a strong provider of Bachelor and AP Degree Programmes for Danish students and for students from all over the world who want to study in Denmark.

For more information on Tietgen Business College go to www.tietgen.dk and for more information on Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education go to www.eal.dk


Regitze Kristensen - Head of International Department
Tietgen Business College
Nonnebakken 9
5000 Odense C
Phone: +45 65 45 21 25
Email: rekr@tietgen.dk
Web: www.tietgen.dk