Sub-Partner: FRIS Foundation for Creative Entrepreneurs

FRIS Foundation promotes opportunities in the field of New Media for regional businesses, students, universities, intermediary organizations, governments, existing networks, structures and consultative bodies, and provides a platform that focuses on the creative sector.

The Foundation's aim is to encourage a powerful new creative media industry in the Eastern Netherlands. By structurally connecting research institutions, industry and government, and the provision of (financial) resources, the existing infrastructure of FRIS will be strengthened, professionalized and expanded. This infrastructure is a proven and increasingly recognized breeding ground and driver of knowledge, knowledge application and knowledge exploitation in the field of new media, resulting in measurable new knowledge, visible new activity, increasing activity, retaining talented young people and spin-offs.

FRIS Foundation exists with great passion driven by volunteers from the news media industry, organisations such as Syntens and Novay, and representatives of various educational institutions such as ROC, Saxion University and University of Twente.

For more information on FRIS Foundation go to www.stichtingfris.nl


Marc Woesthuis
Sub-Partner: FRIS Foundation for Creative Entrepreneurs
FRIS Foundation for Creative Entrepreneurs
Postbus 1208
7500 BE Enschede
Phone: +31 053 433 69 33
Email: marc.woesthuis@trimm.nl
Web: www.stichtingfris.nl/