Western Norway Film Centre

Western Norway Film Centre plays a critical role in assisting new Western Norwegian film talent to bring their ideas to the screen, providing various schemes of skills development, funding for development and production (documentaries and shorts), and development for feature length projects.

The Film Centre was founded in 1994, and is a joint stock company owned by the city of Bergen and Hordaland County, representing Hordaland, Sogn & Fjordane, and Møre & Romsdal. The centre administers state film production funds amounting to approx €1,150,000 in 2012, as well as regional soft money for feature film and tv drama development.

Western Norway Film Centre is also the parent organization and administrative body for Western Norway Film Commission (also a member of North Sea Screen Partners).

For more information on Western Norway Film Commission go to www.vestnorskfilm.no


Irmelin Nordahl
Western Norway Film Centre
Georgernes Verft 12
Phone: +47 5556 0905
Email: post@vestnorskfilm.no
Web: www.vestnorskfilm.no/