Region Vastra Gotaland

Västra Götaland Region serves as the county council for Västra Götaland in West Sweden. We work to promote growth and sustainable development in the region. This is done in collaboration with other companies, organizations, municipalities, colleges, universities and government agencies. Västra Götaland is Sweden's leading cultural region. Through dedicated effort and the country's largest regional cultural budget, both in dollars and cents and the ruling per capita, culture has become an obvious role in our society.

Culture is a basic requirement for active and involved citizens - participation contributes to democratic development. It can encourage personal development and have a significant impact on employment, regional development and growth.
Västra Götaland aims to drive strategic development work within the Culture Vision Västra Götaland basis. Our Board gives assignments to over 80 governments, institutions, organizations and associations, and annual support to hundreds of development projects within the region - all with a view to further strengthening the arts and cultural practitioners' role in society.

Our Culture Secretariat's role is to ensure that the Västra Götaland region's cultural strategies are in practice and to stimulate the cultural life of Västra Götaland. The Secretariat aims to create a greater understanding of cultural identity and to strengthen the region's development. These strategies include collaborating with municipalities in Västra Götaland and encouraging interaction in cultural life, supporting and developing the culture network, and designing tasks for institutions and organizations in the cultural sector to monitor and evaluate activities and their results.

We also value the importance of international cooperation. We believe culture needs outside input to develop! We work with the Scandinavian neighborhood and actively work to create and maintain international contacts, globally and in Europe. Being internationally active, Västra Götaland looks to both learn from others and to influence decisions. We aim for our region's cultural development models to be used for international exchanges and to support projects that blend expressions from different cultures. Both globalization and EU decisions affect all the region’s responsibility.

Västra Götaland has a complete structure for film production. Film i Väst is our screen office - a regional production centre and public regional film fund. Film i Väst co-operate on long term basis with other public funds in Northern Europe. The office of Cine Regio, Europe’s film regions common association, is located in Västra Götaland. Film i Väst invest in film and TV-drama productions in Region Västra Götaland. It is one of the most successful regional film funds in Europe. Since its establishment in 1997 it has managed to build stable long term relationships with various production companies and film directors. Famous directors like Lukas Moodysson and Lars von Trier continue to come back to the region. Around 200 feature films have been co-produced, such as Together, Daybreak, Dancer in the Dark, Dogville, Kisses and The Investigator.

Sub-partner Gothenburg Film Studios are working with North Sea Screen Partners on behalf of Region Västra Götaland. The studio is a rapidly expanding film production complex located centrally in Göteborg. Spanning over 10,000 square meters, they are host to approximaely 40 film related companies, 3 studios and accompanying facilities. Their innovative film collective combines experience and craftmanship to provide top quality services from script to screen. For more information visit www.gothenburgstudios.com

For more information on Västra Götaland Region go to www.vgregion.se


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