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NorthSeaTV on Youtube and Vimeo

has the NSSP video - our story so far, the Innovation Shorts and film and TV made by NSR companies.


NorthSeaScreen on Youtube

features trailers and footage of advertising, film and TV shot in the North Sea region.  Here you can find a selection of some of the productions that have taken advantage of the fantastic locations on offer or that have involved talent and crew from the NSR.



'A Royal Affair' premiered at Cannes 2012. Post production supported by West Danish Film Fund at North Sea Screen Partners member Filmby Aarhus.

Academy Award winning 'In A Better World', directed by Susanne Bier and supported by North Sea Screen Partners member FilmFyn.

Academy Award nominated 'The Illusionist', directed by Sylvain Chomet and co-animated by ink.digital, based in North Sea Screen Partners region Dundee.

'Soul Kitchen', by multi-award winning director Fatih Akin and supported by North Sea Screen Partners member nordmedia.

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