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19/07/2013 Thanks and Project Coordination Team
19/07/2013 The rising tide lifts all the boats
03/09/2012 CIT 2012: In Review
06/08/2012 Teaching Models in Entrepreneurship
21/06/2012 Conference on International Tourism 2012
12/06/2012 OPPORTUNITY: Film Tourism Products on Funen - develop a product or business concept.
20/03/2012 Medietraef 2012
29/11/2011 Congratulations Dundee Contemporary Arts!
24/11/2011 Call for Abstracts - Conference on International Tourism 2012
04/11/2011 State of the Art Conference 2012
04/11/2011 Conference on International Tourism 2012
03/11/2011 North Sea Screen Partners at NEoN Unconference
04/10/2011 Film Tourism: China meets Denmark
15/09/2011 Film Tourism - New Opportunities for Danish Tourism
16/08/2011 SPACE 2012
05/08/2011 Dare ProtoPlay and North Sea Screen Partners
26/07/2011 Media Gathering 2011 - Summary and Report
14/07/2011 Workshop: Screen Writing for Writers and Producers
15/06/2011 Film Tourism Conference Is A Great Success
09/05/2011 Screen Writing for Writers and Producers
11/04/2011 Film Tourism - A new path for Danish Tourism
01/04/2011 Visualizing The Future At Visual Forum 2011
23/02/2011 Welcome to Manover!
14/12/2010 FilmFyn Christmas Networking Event
04/11/2010 North Sea Screen Partners at NEoN 2010
07/10/2010 Recipe for Success
22/09/2010 Dundee Games Sector Featured on BBC News
14/09/2010 OFVM - Courses Now Booking for this Term
12/04/2010 NSSP at MIPTV
11/04/2010 The Shoot keeps City on Front Foot
26/03/2010 Norway to be first country with nationwide digitization of cinemas
10/02/2010 Like show business? Do more business

Shoot News

News Date News Headline
19/07/2013 An ever rising tide
19/11/2012 TayScreen 10 - From Script to Screen
12/11/2012 The Norwegian Documentary Convention
09/11/2012 Great Danes
25/10/2012 Screen South: Inspiring Innovating Delivering
03/10/2012 Father of Four: At Sea
02/10/2012 West Swedish Film Days
01/10/2012 TayScreen 10th Anniversary Seminar Series and Networking Event - Hit The Ground Running with Linda Fraser
25/09/2012 Experience Films in Real Life
22/08/2012 UPDATE: Svendborg Film Days
16/07/2012 uScreen need your vote!
06/07/2012 Green Screen - A Sharing of Best Practice
19/06/2012 A Royal Visit
24/05/2012 Screen South Day at the Cannes Film Festival 2012
24/04/2012 UK loves Scandinavia
20/03/2012 Green Screen Meets Green Initiatives
07/03/2012 Headstart New Media Network: Seminar on Social TV
07/03/2012 Shareplay: Masterclass on Social TV
03/02/2012 nordmedia at 62nd Berlinale
03/02/2012 Hot Off The Press: nordmedia's Brand New Publications
01/02/2012 GoKinema 2012
30/01/2012 On Location: The Woman In Black
16/01/2012 FifeScreen & TayScreen is 10!
05/01/2012 Screenwriting in Odense
22/12/2011 From Novel to Script to Screenplay
07/12/2011 nordmedia talk about TV-series of "Nils Holgersson"
02/12/2011 TayScreen's Julie Craik Interviewed for The Location Guide
25/11/2011 'The Passion of Marie' Films in Denmark
25/11/2011 uScreen Wins AMI Interactive Media Award
24/11/2011 French Film Festival Returns to Dundee!
04/11/2011 nordmedia-Talk Bremen special
03/11/2011 TayScreen Interview with Alain Gagnol
18/10/2011 nordmedia at Bergen International Film Festival 2011
06/10/2011 Mixed Reality or how to promote regions sustainably?
15/09/2011 North Sea Screen Partners at Nordisk Panorama 2011
14/09/2011 International Filmfestival Oldenburg
13/09/2011 "Skateistan" at Zurich and Woodstock
29/06/2011 A Fresh Breeze At The nordmedia Talk on Tour
23/06/2011 Dundee is Dancing!
16/06/2011 From Novel to Script to Screenplay
01/06/2011 Films from Niedersachsen/Bremen in Cannes 2011
18/05/2011 ROCK 'N' REEL - Support For Music Video
15/04/2011 nordmedia in Cannes 2011
12/04/2011 German Rhapsody: Lower Saxony and Bremen featured in Box Office India
01/04/2011 Pixar Animators & BAFTA Winner to Visit St Andrews for Half Cut Film Festival
31/03/2011 Documenting Creativity: Premiere of 'How Are You'
21/03/2011 Screen South Supported D-Media Global Conference
18/03/2011 Grimme-Award 2011 for 'Neue Vahr Sud' and 'Iran Elections 2009'
17/03/2011 Screen South Supported 'Chalet Girl' Now In Cinemas
07/03/2011 Sneak Preview of 'Burnout' in Jever
28/02/2011 Film Tourism UPDATE: Congratulations to 'In A Better World'!
22/02/2011 Our Human Planet
18/02/2011 Cinema for Peace 2011: Award for 'SKATEISTAN THE MOVIE'
09/02/2011 'Never Let Me Go' filmed on location in St Andrews, Scotland
07/02/2011 The Illusionist Nominated for 2011 Oscar!
04/02/2011 nordmedia at the 61st Berlinale
13/01/2011 Invitation to Gothenburg
11/01/2011 Irish Crime at its best? JACK TAYLOR shot in Bremen, Germany
06/01/2011 Triumph of The Hidden Persuaders
15/12/2010 nordmedia's 10th anniversary
30/11/2010 Let Yourself Gravitate
19/11/2010 On location in Bremerhaven: ARSCHKALT
15/11/2010 A Strong Network for a Film-friendly Region
08/11/2010 Film, Media and Tourism: North Sea Screen Partners at Fjord 2.0
21/09/2010 Screen South: 2 Days Later Short Filmmaking Competition 2010
21/09/2010 Enemies of the People Wins Again!
07/09/2010 NSSP All Partners Meeting in Bremen
04/09/2010 North Sea on Screen: First Co-production Conference hosted by nordmedia
09/08/2010 NOW IS DIGITAL
19/07/2010 On The North Sea Coast
02/06/2010 Filmfest Emden-Norderney 2010
31/05/2010 Digital Revolution: The Active Audience
19/05/2010 Ready, Steady... Bake!
12/05/2010 North Sea Screen Partners at Festival de Cannes 2010
28/04/2010 World premiere of nordmedia funded documentary at Cannes 2010
17/04/2010 Deutscher Filmpreis 2010: three nominations for nordmedia sponsored productions
16/04/2010 Essex Showcased to Film & TV Industry
05/04/2010 Filmby Aarhus Friday Bar
05/04/2010 The Scouting Book for Boys
22/03/2010 Hairy Bikers for Food Festival
19/03/2010 Don't be Impotent - Be Important!
08/02/2010 NSSP at the 2010 Berlinale
02/02/2010 New pool for talent in Aarhus
01/02/2010 That's braw - The One Show

Learn News

News Date News Headline
19/07/2013 Sailors smell the sea and feel the sky
16/10/2012 Pixel Jam 2012 - Call for Participants
06/08/2012 Report: Efficient Cooperation For The Film Industry On Funen
21/06/2012 Debate the future of Interactive Tayside
13/04/2012 HEC 2012
04/04/2012 Knight Knight
27/03/2012 UPDATE: InnoEvent 2012
16/03/2012 InnoEvent 2012
07/02/2012 A Lecture From The Dundee Creative
30/01/2012 Tietgen Business College and The Experience Academy Present: Communicating With Children
07/12/2011 nordmedia-Talk Bremen special:
22/07/2011 Creative City Challenge - Best Collaboration Award
18/05/2011 Learning Final Cut Pro and Color with FilmFyn and Tietgen Business School
12/04/2011 Future Talent
01/04/2011 Master Classes with North Sea Screen Partners
14/01/2011 Global Gathering with Dundee College
08/11/2010 OVERLOAD CLUB #2 - Human Space Invaders!
28/10/2010 SPACE Conference 2010 - Papers Available for Download
04/10/2010 NSSP members at SPACE Autumn Meeting and Conference 2010
14/09/2010 A Look Into The Real World
22/03/2010 Creative Industries Partnerships
10/02/2010 Moving Pictures - a constant education

Post News

News Date News Headline
19/07/2013 A vision of things from the sea
13/12/2012 PROTO Premiere
06/08/2012 PROTO
19/03/2012 VERL Graduate Nominated for Screentest Award
03/09/2011 Hollywood Star Opens VERL
15/08/2011 3DFM - Call for Submissions!
18/03/2011 Dundee-made Short Nominated for BAFTA in Scotland Awards
24/01/2011 North Sea Screen Partners - Innovation Shorts 2011 - Deadline: 14th February 2011
14/01/2011 VERL director has one to one meeting with Culture Minister and gives presentation about VERL
22/11/2010 Bioinformatics Meets Visual Effects: genomescroller
19/04/2010 World Class Visual Effects for Artists
09/02/2010 A lab at the cutting edge - a network for post