Teaching Models in Entrepreneurship

North Sea Screen Partners member Tietgen Business College has produced a series of online videos for Teaching Models in Entrepreneurship, as coproduction with the EU funded European House of Entrepreneurs.

The objective of The European House of Entrepreneurs is to develop a product "The European House of Entrepreneurs" that will identify, train and support young entrepreneurs and to prepare efficient methods for networking focused on international business. The final product, the European House of Entrepreneurs, will encourage pragmatic and practical training, simulations, role plays and sharp projects defined by enterprises. More at euroent.eu

Speakers include Øivind Strand of Aalesund University College, Norway; Danish lecturer Martin Lauth; Marja Liisa Kakkonen of Mikkeli University of Applied Research; Kine Norheim of Aalesund University College, Norway; and Marja Liisa Kakkonen of Mikkeli University of Applied Research.

Visit the NSSP Vimeo page to view the videos.

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