Conference on International Tourism 2012




CIT2012 is the second Conference on International Tourism. The first one was arranged by ISCET in 2010. The Confrence runs in Odense, Denmark from Monday 25th to Thursday 28th June. The main organiser of CIT2012 is EAL, and is supported by, among others, Saxion University and North Sea Screen Partners member Tietgen Business College.

CIT2012 adresses two main target groups:

- International academics with interest in tourism

- Business people from the regional tourism industry

The combined Academic and Applied approach to CIT2012 implies several objectives which are, of course, reflected in the themes of the conference as well as in the conference program.

In the Academic arena, the aim is at creating an inspiring academic knowledge sharing and learning environment. PhD students have been invited to participate in the pre-arrangement, which offers roundtable disucussions with Readers and invites professors in spe to enrich the tourism area with fresh input.

Academic professors are also invited to present their specific angle of expertise within each of the four main themes of the conference:

- The Experience Economy
- Tourism and Heritage
- Destination Management
- Film Tourism

CIT202 aims to bring out the latest trends and to encourage discussions and the generation of new directions for the tourism area.

Furthermore, the conference will be used to build content in the Hospitality Committee of SPACE by learning about the latest trends and ideas. CIT2012 is an opportunity to conduct active research, to build and share knowledge, and to expand the network.

In the Applied arena, the conference aims at bringing some real life perspectives to the Academic arena, but also at planting the seeds for alternative perspectives and valuable possibilities in the tourism industry based on the Academic input - especially within a concept like film tourism.

Of course, with the Applied approach, the Conference also strives at establishing closer links to the tourism industry to gain mutual advantage of the synergy effects between the Academic and the Applied arenas.

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