SPACE 2012

A paper on Business Development written by North Sea Screen Partners members at FilmFyn and Tietgen Business College has been accepted for publication in the upcoming SPACE Journal: Advances in Higher Education to be published in April 2012.

SPACE is the Space European Network For Business Studies and Languages. The paper, 'Business Development - A Co-operation Between Industry and Education' is written by Julie Lindegaard, Head of Development at FilmFyn, with 1st co-author Regitze Kristensen, Tietgen Business College and 2nd co-author Jette Mølholm, Tietgen Business College.

The paper will give a Best Practice example of how close cooperation between Higher Education Institutions and Industry can enhance Business Cluster development.

North Sea Screen Partners were also involved in the SPACE 2010 conference in Kavala, Greece, where members from Tietgen Business College and Dundee College gave a presentation on 'The Development of Industry-Led Higher Education Programmes - For The World of Film In Denmark'.

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