Media Gathering 2011 - Summary and Report

A report on trends in business models has been conducted by North Sea Screen Partners members FilmFyn, Roskilde University and Tietgen Business College, along with other Danish research and media institutions, including University College Lillebaelt, Copenhagen Entertainment (and their initiative cOPENhagen - Open for Film and Game), and Vækstforum. The report is an outcome of Media Gathering 2011, which was arranged by North Sea Screen Partners, Roskilde University Center and Danish publisher Gyldendal. A summary of the Media Gathering 2012 is also available - see below. The participants were selected representatives from the media related business like film, publishers, television, journalism, computer games. The focus of the event was knowledge and experience sharing as to how to create sustainable business models in a business that are experiencing great challenges.

In recent years, a dramatic common denominator has united the media industry's various sectors - film, television, books, music, games and journalism: they all experience that the secure business models of previous decades are under monumental pressure and transformation. At the same time they have to recognize that there is no one new model to replace the consolidated way of the past to do media business. Instead dozens of new models must be developed. And the development work is seemingly endless.

This identification of trends in the markets for film, television, books, music, games and journalism has therefore been given the title "Break-ups".

The fact that the media business is undergoing radical change and transformation - or just breaking up - can obviously not be considered a new insight. No other word than just "break up" describes more accurately the market situation, in which content producers,
managers and other professionals in all the subsectors of the media industry find themselves.

The survey shows that myriads of trends, business models and specific projects can be identified, which all are pointing in dynamic and interesting directions for all or parts of the media industry.

Download the full Media Gathering 2011 Report - Trends in Business Models, and the Media Gathering 2011 Summary.

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