Dundee Games Sector Featured on BBC News

Image: TayScreen

Dundee's games sector has been featured on BBC News, drawing attention to the city's place at the forefront of games development in the UK.

Two reports by Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC's technology correspondent, have been featured. The first report focuses on the future of games development and the job sector in Dundee, despite the recent unfortunate administration of Realtime Worlds, and features Dundee companies Cohort Studios (who were featured on the TayScreen website in April) and Digital Goldfish, and students at the University of Abertay.

The second report features a tour of Digital Goldfish, started by David Hamilton and Barry Petrie – both graduates of Abertay. David Hamilton states that Dundee is "the heart of development in the UK".

Click here to watch the first feature, and click here to watch the feature with Digital Goldfish. Click here to read Rory Cellan-Jones’s blog entry about the Dundee’s games sector.

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