The Shoot keeps City on Front Foot


Dundee games developer Cohort Studios' unveiling of the launch title for Sony's latest hardware has reinforced the city's position at the forefront of computer gaming technology.

Cohort's creation, The Shoot was selected to showcase Sony's answer to the Wii - the Move - at the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco. 

Cohort chief executive Lol Scragg said, "The Shoot puts you on a movie set with moving targets and each level is based on a different movie genre.

"If you imagine old Disney games it's a bit like that, but we're taking it to the next level. At the Sony launch we showcase the Robots level." 

Since it was established four years ago, Dundee based Cohort has enjoyed strong links with Sony.

"The vast majority of our work has come via Sony," said Mr Scragg.

"As well as the Sony game we are developing some of our own market products to work in the internal market."

Text courtesy of Dundee.com

Images courtesy of Cohort Studios

Click here for a preview of 'The Shoot', and check back soon for more news on the game from Cohort Studios.