Denmark has a unique geographical landscape,composed of four main islands of Jutland, Zealand, Funen (also know as Fyn) and Lolland, and hundreds of smaller islands. Bordered by the North Sea to the West, the Baltic to the East and Germany to the South, the country has an abundance of fantastic costal and in-land locations, from fairytale scenery and the castles that inspired William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, to vibrant contemporary cities. Our Partners hail from the three largest islands. The ancient Viking city of Roskilde is the economic centre of Zealand and is home to Roskilde University. Both Film Fyn and Tietgen Business School are based on the island of Funen. Film Fyn, the regional film fund, is located in the Southern city of Faaborg, one of Denmark’s oldest provincial towns, and Tietgen Business School is located in the city of Odense, which is also the birthplace of the great 19th Century author and poet, Hans Christian Andersen. Filmby Aarhus is located in the city of Aarhus on the island of Jutland, and has a focus on film and media production. 


Denmark has a long and lively relationship with the screen industries, from the Golden Age of Danish Cinema in the early 20th Century, to the infamous Dogme 95 Manifesto, established in the mid-1990’s by directors Thomas Vinterberg and Lars Von Trier, Denmark’s enfant terrible. The country also has strong international representation, with Danish filmmaker Lone Scherfig’s British produced ‘An Education’ tipped for success during the 2010 awards season. Denmark plays host to a number of annual film festivals, including the Copenhagen International Film Festival, the Odense International Film Festival and the AFIA Film Festival, held in Aarhus.

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