Bordered by France, Germany and the Netherlands, Belgium is multi-cultural and multi-lingual, with regional inhabitants speaking Flemish, French, German and English. The country offers a diverse landscape, from the flat area of Flanders with its sandy beaches, to the wild Hautes Fagnes region of Wallonia. Belgium also has a diverse urban landscape, featuring the medieval art cities of Antwerp, Bruges, and Ghent, and the great cosmopolitan capital of Brussels, home to the European Union and NATO. Excellent transportation services make all areas of the country accessible. Throughout history many European countries have tried to stake their claim in the country, and their marks can still be seen in the architecture, culture and lifestyles of the people.

 Belgium has a vibrant screen industry that encourages and supports all areas of film, television and advertising production and post-production, offering assistance for crew, locations, funding, co-production possibilities and studio facilities. The regional screen industries are well represented in film and television. There are currently over 160 production companies in Belgium, producing material for film, TV, documentaries and animation. The two main Belgian public TV networks are VRT in the Flemish Community and RTBF in the French Community of Belgium. The majority of households subscribe to cable TV, with each region receiving the desired channels from television stations in the Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. A number of prestigious film festivals are held throughout the year, such as The Ghent Film Festival, which has a focus on film music and hosts the World Soundtrack Awards, the Brussels Film Festival which promotes European Directors, and the Namur International French-language Film Festival.