Our great thanks go to the North Sea Interreg IVB Programme and Secretariat for supporting the project and in particular to Christian Byrith and his team ncluding Rajana Anandasangaree, Jon Jordan, Matt Nichols, Sina Redlich and Christian Zieske for their unstinting assistance.

We would like to thank all Partners and their First Level Controllers involved in NSSP for their committed and inspiring work and valuable contributions towards the achievements and outcomes of the project.

North Sea Screen Partners gratefully acknowledge the support of the North Sea Commission and the European Film Commission Network.

Finally, we salute and thank:

Dundee City Council and the Councils of Angus, Fife and Perth & Kinross, the partner authorities in TayScreen; and the many local authorities, organisations and people across the North Sea Region that created and continue to support all the partners in NSSP.
Without this kind of continued backing and belief, there could not be project development and delivery.

Project Coordination Team

The project is led by Dundee City Council and the screen agency representing that council and those of Angus, Fife and Perth & Kinross.

Project Managers: 
Jennifer Caswell and Stan Ure, Dundee City Council

Project Coordinators: 
Julie Craik and Anna Rathband, Dundee City Council/TayScreen

Finance Management: 
Marjory Stewart (First Level Controller), Manjit Athwal , Jim Bone , Nicola Pearson and Paul Thomson, Dundee City Council

NSSP Web Design: 
Bannerman Technology, Scotland 

NSSP Graphic Design: 
Arc Visual, Scotland

WP1-Produce Leader:
Regitze Kristensen, Tietgen Business College and Julie Lindegaard, Film Fyn

WP2-Shoot Leader: 
Julie Craik, Dundee City Council/TayScreen

WP3-Learn Leader: 
Andy Mackenzie, Dundee College

WP4-Post Leader: 
Now Professor Peter Richardson, University of Hertfordshire (previously University of Dundee)